Besides great electric foot warmers, microwaveable foot warmers or simple footies, exercise matters.


Simple feet exercises can help improve your blood circulation.

When you exercise your feet, blood circulation improves. When blood circulation improves, your blood transported to your feet will keep your feet warmer than with low circulation.

To exercise your feet, here are a couple of simple exercises

Wiggle your toes

Put aside some time to wiggle your feet every day.

  • Put a reminder in your phone to wiggle your toes every day
  • Remove your shoes (you can keep your socks on)
  • Wiggle your toes for 1 minutes
  • Take a 1 minute break
  • Repeat this 5 times
  • Repeat every day for a week

Tap your feet (this you can do at the office)

Put aside some time to tap your feet every day.

  • Put a reminder in your phone to tap your feet every day
  • Put on some music that you like
  • Tap your feet for at least 15 minutes
  • Repeat every day for at least 2 weeks

Cardio Exercise

When you exercise by running or moving in general, your feet are activated as well. This improves your circulation.

  • Run for 20 minutes
  • Threadmill works too
  • Do this at least once or twice a week continuously

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