Some foot warmers can even be used or applied in outdoor environments. These are the ones you want to bring along! Some are slippers/booties, others are mats suited for outdoor use, and some are disposable.

❤ Rugged
❤ Can be used outdoors for shorter or longer periods
❤ Various types depending on your need

The North Face Thermoball Traction Mule 2 - Review

More than slippers. Awesome, durable, warm slippers for any condition.Buy here

These very popular North Face slippers can be worn anywhere. The footies have a rubber sole and are insulated with the unique PrimaLoft insulation and they will retain heat in cold conditions. The thick sole prevents cold...Read More »

HotHands® Insole Foot Warmers - Review

Perfect for travelling, sports, fishing or just walking.Buy here

The HotHands® Insole Foot Warmer insoles are simply fantastic. In one pack you get 5-32 pairs of disposable foot warming heating insoles. The heating is automatic; just open a package and they heat up. They have an impressive durability and...Read More »

JobSite Comfort Toe Warmers insoles - Review

“Impressive yet comfortable heat from these disposable insole foot warmers.” Buy here

These disposable JobSite Comfort Toe Warmers insoles are made for the front part of your feet – but they will still heat effectively. Heating will starte once you peel open a pack. The heat lasts for several hours. They can be...Read More »

Cozy Products Heated Foot Warming Mat - Review

A very durable rubber heating mat with high reviews.Buy here

This Cozy Products Heated Foot Warming Mat made of durable heated rubber can be used anywhere. The mat draws only 90 watts and will gently warm your feet. It has both radiant and direct heat to your...Read More »

HotHands® Toe Warmers - Review

“Single-use and air-activated. Extremely practical.” Buy here

This pack of 14 pairs of Hothands® Toe Warmers are disposable and air-activated adhesive toewarmers. Typically, a toe warmer in your shoe is enough to keep your entire feet warm. These are ultra thin and come with an adhesive. The moment you break a...Read More »

Little Hotties® Toe Warmers Foot Warmers - Review

“Popular and very convenient disposable foot warmers for any outdoor situation.” Buy here

These disposable Little Hotties® Toe Warmers Foot Warmers are actually just for the front part of your feet – but they still work effectively. In a pack you get 5, 8 or 30 pairs of disposable toe...Read More »

Other popular foot warmers:

Hothands Heating Insoles from $14.91
Electric pad
SunBeam Heating Pad $32.99
Intelex Cozy Boots $18.29
   Intelex cozy body boots