These are the very best disposable (insole) foot warmers. What’s you will love about disposable foot warmers is that no external heating is required. You just crack one open and the heat is activated. You put them inside your shoes, thus the word “insole”. They are all safe and use natural heating.

❤ No electricity, no microwave, no fuss.
❤ Some insoles are one-size, others can be cut / adapted
❤ Use anytime – they fit in your own shoes
❤ Great for travel, working outdoors, fishing, walking etc.
❤ Very affordable – as low as 1$ per pair
❤ Heat lasts for 1-8 hours depending on product

Little Hotties® Toe Warmers Foot Warmers - Review

“Popular and very convenient disposable foot warmers for any outdoor situation.” Buy here

These disposable Little Hotties® Toe Warmers Foot Warmers are actually just for the front part of your feet – but they still work effectively. In a pack you get 5, 8 or 30 pairs of disposable toe...Read More »

HotHands® Insole Foot Warmers - Review

Perfect for travelling, sports, fishing or just walking.Buy here

The HotHands® Insole Foot Warmer insoles are simply fantastic. In one pack you get 5-32 pairs of disposable foot warming heating insoles. The heating is automatic; just open a package and they heat up. They have an impressive durability and...Read More »

JobSite Comfort Toe Warmers insoles - Review

“Impressive yet comfortable heat from these disposable insole foot warmers.” Buy here

These disposable JobSite Comfort Toe Warmers insoles are made for the front part of your feet – but they will still heat effectively. Heating will starte once you peel open a pack. The heat lasts for several hours. They can be...Read More »

HotHands® Toe Warmers - Review

“Single-use and air-activated. Extremely practical.” Buy here

This pack of 14 pairs of Hothands® Toe Warmers are disposable and air-activated adhesive toewarmers. Typically, a toe warmer in your shoe is enough to keep your entire feet warm. These are ultra thin and come with an adhesive. The moment you break a...Read More »

How do disposable insoles work?

Typically, disposable insoles contain water, iron, activated carbon, cellulose and salt. The will produce heat when the iron is exposed to oxidation which happens through the oxygen in the air. This exposure to air happens when a pack is opened, so they can be stored quite a while and still work later when opened.

Other popular foot warmers:

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