These are the very best foot warmers from Intelex (see Intelex products on Amazon). They are excellent for keeping very cold feet warm. The Intelex brand is mostly known for making cute bears, heatable soft toys, home therapy products and gift items. For more information, see

❤️ No connecting cords
❤️ Heat is ready after about 1 minute in the microwave
❤️ Lasts for 30-60 minutes depending on product
❤️ Flexible – bring anywhere
❤️ Comfortable
❤️ Better fit than electric foot warmers

Intelex Warmies® Cozy Plush Body Boots - Review

“Cozy and plush microwave foot warmers boots for snuggling up. ” – FootWarmer HQ Buy here

This pair of cozy boots called Warmies® from Intelex USA are made for keeping your feet warm at home. Being microwave booties, the footies are free from connecting cords. Put the soles in the microwave which will heat...Read More »

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   Intelex cozy body boots