These are the best and most highly reviewed microwaveable foot warmers. Microwave these comfortable foot warmers for instant, fast relief.

❤️ No connecting cords
❤️ Heat is ready after about 1 minute in the microwave
❤️ Lasts for 30-60 minutes depending on product
❤️ Flexible – bring anywhere
❤️ Comfortable
❤️ Better fit than electric foot warmers

Kozy Collar Microwave Hot and Cold Kozy Slippers - Review

“Highly recommended microwaveable slippers for both hot and cold relief.” – FootWarmer HQ Buy here

These slippers from Kozy Collar are channeled top and bottom providing heat or cold to the entire foot, not just the bottom like other microwaveable foot warmers. Put them into the microwave for about one...Read More »

Carex Bed Buddy Warming Footies - Review

“Warm slippers for keeping you warm. Microwaveable inserts. No strings attached.” – FootWarmer HQ Buy here

This pair of cozy boots from Carex Health Brands are made for keeping your feet warm at home. They are as simple as can be  – not externally heated, just slippers a loose, comfortable...Read More »

Intelex Warmies® Cozy Plush Body Boots - Review

“Cozy and plush microwave foot warmers boots for snuggling up. ” – FootWarmer HQ Buy here

This pair of cozy boots called Warmies® from Intelex USA are made for keeping your feet warm at home. Being microwave booties, the footies are free from connecting cords. Put the soles in the microwave which will heat...Read More »

How do microwaveable foot warmers work?

Most microwaveable footwarmers are slippers that contain a removeable heating pad, or the heating pad is integrated in the slipper itself and cannot be removed. That differs a little from product to product. The best results are obtained if the heating pad is made of cotton or fleece with the filler materiale inside, typically with a thin bag inside the cover containing the filler material itself.

microwaveable foot warmers

Some microwaveable foot warmers can be placed directly in the microwave oven. Others have a removeable insole that can be placed in the microwave without the slipper.

Both both types of heating pads work in the same way. The heating pad is filled with an organic material that can be heated. This material is typically rice, corn or flax. Another popular material is millet grains.

fillers for heating pads

Fillers for heating pads are typically made of rice, corn or flax. Some studies indicate that flax outperforms the others in heat retention, but all three are better than heated water. Rice is a popular type of filler, and very affordable. (source: sew4home)

In some instances, the filler can be artificial materials of various kinds, typically in the form of some type of bead.

How long does the heating last?

User reviews vary quite a bit on this part. Some say 5-10 minutes, others report that the heating last for more than an hour.

Typically however, the heat wears off after 15-30 minutes of use in most slippers. It also depends on the room temperate and your feet, naturally.

How to choose the right microwaveable slipper

Here are some important things to look for:

  • Heat retention: Look for user reviews to see how well the heat is retained in the slipper. Reviews are typically quite honest on this part
  • Sole or entire slippers: Some slippers like Intelex will have beads throughout the entire
  • Walk or stay: Would you like to walk in your microwaveable slippers? Some allow this, others do not. If the heating pad sole can be removed, the slipper will allow walking without it.
  • Durability: Look at user reviews to learn of the build quality of the product. You will want to keep these slippers for a long time!

Other popular foot warmers:

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