In this article Foot Warmer HQ focuses on electric foot warmers (see reviewed products here), and how they work.

How do electric foot warmers generate heat?


An electric footwarmer is attached to electricity via a power module (not shown), a base, an electric heater element (120), and a conductive plate (110).

Electric foot warmers generate heat by the electricity heating an electric heater element through a power module. The power module is attached to the power socket and allows the user to regulate heat, turn on/off. The Power module then connects to a base in the foot warmer itself. The base has connections to an electric heater element, which connects to a conductive plate that distributes the heat evenly

Outside the foot warmer you will find:

Inside the foot warmer (hidden from view):

  • Base station
  • Electric heater element
  • Conductive plate(s)
  • Surrounding fabrics

Direct heat is more energy efficient

Heating mats are much more efficient than room heating

Heating mats are much more efficient than room heating (source)

Heating yourself with an electric foot warmer is actually very energy efficient.

With a foot warmer, the heat is directly transfered to you through thermal conduction. The heat will spread to your entire body from your feet up.

Whereas heating the entire room with a space heater is much less efficient.

  • Foot mats transfer heat directly through thermal conduction
  • Heat is transferred to your entire body through circulation
  • A room heater does not transfer heat directly but must heat the entire room

What are the best electric foot warmers?

We’ve gathered the best foot warmers for you to be found here: