Most of us know about hvaing cold feet. It is mostly caused by a cold temperature in your surroundings combined with low blood circulation in your feet. Both need to be adressed for the feet to heat up.

Things that work against cold feet

  • Electric foot warmers: Select a type of foot warmer that has good reviews. The differ a lot in quality and price, have massage and heating strength options. See our section on Electric foot warmers and bed spreads and mats. The electric foot warmers are very energy efficient compared to room heating, and the conduction will heat your entire body. It’s probably the most efffective option.
  • Microwaveable foot warmers: Typically the heating lasts for 30-45 minutes. If this is enough for you, this is an excellent option. The footies are comfortable, heat in 30 seconds, and you can wear them anywhere. See our section on Microwaveable foot warmers.
  • Warm footies: If you just need an extra layer and a comfortable shoe to keep the cold out, try these.
  • Of course, turning up the heat if possible makes a huge difference. Just remember, it won’t necessarily help you cold feet that much. Firstly because heat goes up, so the floor is always colder. Secondly, because room heating isn’t very effective. For more information, see Why mats are more efficient than room heating
  • Improve your blood circulation by doing these simple feet exercise (for instance, tapping your feet under your table for half an hour every day). This will make your feet more resistant to cold conditions later on in the day, because blood circulation has improved.
  • Change your socks regurlarly, as the sweat in your socks will go to the fabric. This makes the feet colder when the room is cold and you’re wearing old socks.
  • Pets are amazing. Snuggling up with your dog and cat is always an option.

Things that do NOT work against cold feet

  • Hot water bottles (they will turn cold too quickly)
  • Normal socks and shoes typically will not help a cold feet problem. Make sure you are wearing material that deflects the heat from your body.
  • Putting on more clothes (it won’t help your feet)
  • Wearing clothes to bed. Avoid wearing clothes to bed if you can, like sweaters and pants. (It will actually make your feet colder)
  • Decreasing caffeine intake (crazy advice, I know – but some people actually believe this works! It’s not true)
  • Gaining weight