“Highly recommended microwaveable slippers for both hot and cold relief.” – FootWarmer HQ Buy here

These slippers from Kozy Collar are channeled top and bottom providing heat or cold to the entire foot, not just the bottom like other microwaveable foot warmers. Put them into the microwave for about one minute, and they will help you relieve the pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Reynolds Syndrome, relax stiff muscles, aid with circulation and flexibility, or just cold feet.

These slippers have an important advantage – they can also be used as an Ice pack. Just put them into the freezer – when ready, they will help reduce swelling and ease pain.

Reviews: Customers have rated the Kozy Slippers with a very high ★ 4.2 out of 5 stars ★. That’s very high for microwaveable slippers! Users praise the heat retention and the ability to freeze them as well. Note: You cannot walk in these slippers.

❤ Can be used for both heating (microwave) or cold relief (put in freezer)
❤ channeled both top and bottom for relief to the entire foot
❤ No connecting cords
❤ 100% cotton
❤ Non-scented
❤ Filled with long grain rice
❤ Fits up to a size 12 US male

★ Price: from $35 (+ 6$ US shipping) 

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