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ObboMed® MF-2305M Heated Warming Booties - USB powered

The ObboMed® MF-2305M Heated Warming Booties is a great solution if you are looking for an externally powered heated foot warmer. They are powered by a low-voltage USB interface which will fit your current phone charger. It uses the latest in carbon fiber heating technology and gives heating up to 109°F (43°C). You can remove the heating elements and wash the booties – a great little detail. The soles have anti-slip so you can move around a little – still with the wire attached.

Reviews: Amazon reviews are positive, with a ★ 3.5 / 5 star ★ average.

❤ Comfortable, plush material
❤ Practical zip for the best fit possible around your ancle
❤ Washable
❤ USB powered
❤ Mobility allowed
❤ Comes in two sizes: fits 37-40 (women) or 41-45.5 (men) and different types of soles.

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