“A very durable rubber heating mat with high reviews.” – FootWarmer HQ

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This durable heated rubber mat can be used anywhere. The mat draws only 90 watts and will gently warm your feet. It has both radiant and direct heat to your cold foot, and operates at 180F. It’s perfect for keeping under the desk or at a standing work station, even outside.

Reviews: Amazon reviews are very positive, with a high amount of 5 star reviews, averaging ★ 4.1 out of 5 stars ★. Other users love being able to use the mat in any condition, even at the workplace.

❤️ Two sizes, Large and X-Large
❤️ Durable rubber
❤️ Use anywhere, even outdoors
❤️ Important: Not for use on carpets and wood floors

★ Price: $29.46 (Large) –  $45.00 (X-Large) 

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