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The HotHands® Insole Foot Warmer insoles are simply fantastic. In one pack you get 5-32 pairs of disposable foot warming heating insoles. The heating is automatic; just open a package and they heat up. They have an impressive durability and last for an entire day (9 hours). They can be used for whereever long lasting heat is required, especially when you are on the move. This could be outdoor sports, fishing, hunting, tailgating or just staying out, working outside or walking the pet. They are ultra-thin, so don’t worry about the shoe fit.

Reviews: Amazon reviews are overwhelmingly positive with a ★ 4.4 out of 5 ★ star average. Other customers love the practical insoles, durability and long lasting heat. The heat is comfortable but impressive. Many people repeatedly buy the insoles and really love them.

❤ Disposable
❤ Fits in any shoe (8” by 2.5”) with adhesive
❤ No connecting cords, no external heating
❤ Up to 9 hours of heat
❤ Safe, natural (chemical) heat
❤ Perfect for outdoor: Fishing, long walks, working outside

★ Price: $23 / 16 pairs ★

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