A two-in-one massaging foot warmer with great reviews.” Buy here

A foot massager that is also an electric foot warmer.

What makes this foot warmer unique is the ability to do vibration massage, heating, or both. The foot warmer has two separate switches for this, and the massage speed can even be adjusted (low or high). The result is a foot warmer that serves all your needs for rejuvenating your feet.

Reviews: Amazon reviews are positive, with 50% 5 star reviews. Other users appreciate the quick heating, the massaging option and the fact that it can be moved and used on the couch, under the desk at work, and more. Amazon reviews: ★ 4.1 out of 5 stars ★

❤ Wears like a pair of slippers
❤ Vibration only, heat, or both
❤ Two massage options (levels)
❤ Fits most foot sizes up to a mens 11, a womens 12,5
❤ Comes in tan color

★ Price: $39.00 (currently out of stock) 

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