“Very soft and comfortable leg & foot warmer for special needs.” – FootWarmer HQ

Ultra Soft Foot Fleece Large Leg & Foot Warmer

These leg & foot warmers boots from Jobar Home and Kitchen Products are special. With velcro fasteners you can fit these warmer high up over your ancle to cover your entire lower leg. This makes them good if you have a problem not only with cold feet, but also cold legs. They are also great foot warmers if you are in a wheelchair. They have a warm plush lining. The design promotes circulation and protects your legs and feet. Can be used in bed, wheelchair or recliner.

Reviews: Amazon reviews mention many satisfied customers, a very high average of ★ 4.6 out of 5 stars ★. That’s awesome!

❤️ Warms lower legs, ankles and feet
❤️ Easy velcro fastening
❤️ No connecting cords
❤️ Soft fleece fabric inside
❤️ Use in wheelchair, recliner or bed
❤️ Machine washable.
❤️ Large fits mens 10-15, womens 11-14. Sizes: Large / medium.

★ Price: $17.51 (free US shipping) 

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Here are some of the things, user especially like about the Snuggler Leg & Foot Warmer

  • They are incredibly soft and comfortable. If you sit on the bed because of joint issues, they are great for putting under the cold feet.
  • Especially the lining of the foot warmers is very soft
  • They will solve most cold ankle issues as opposed to other foot warmers, that typically only heat the feet themselves
  • Wrap easily around your feet, perhaps even with socks too
  • Great for maintaining warmth in the legs and the feet
  • Good for cold, tender “ice block” toes

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