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This heated pad foot warmer from Sunbeam that can be used while relaxing on your couch, in your bed, or below your desk in the office. It also doubles as a warmer to wrap around your shoulder, waist or legs. Pads are very practical that way. It is electrically heated, so it comes with a cord. Here are some of the main features that makes this foot warmer so popular.

Reviews: Reviewed by over 5.000 people with an amazing ★ 4.3 out of 5 stars ★ average. This is very high for a product like this. It is clearly one of the most popular electric foot warmers on the market today.

❤ Wrap it around your feet, shoulders, waist – anywhere you like!
❤ Xpress Heat system – heats in 30 secs
❤ Washable, integrated fleece fabric (very comfortable)
❤ 6 heat settings
❤ Timeout function
❤ Comes in brown or grey
❤ Moist-Heat option releases massaging heat
❤ 12 inches deep, 24 inches wide

★ Price: from $34.99 ★

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