After having read thousands of user reviews, here’s our top things to look for when selecting your next foot warmer

Practicality. Look for the type of footwarmer that fits  your situation best. Do you want electric (never runs out, but you can’t move), Microwave slippers (bring anywhere, but heat lasts less than half an hour), simple slippers (practical, but won’t heat effectively for certain conditions, or the ability to use in office or even outdoors? These are things that really matter.

Quality: The build quality is extremely important. Check user reviews to learn about the reliability of the product.

Size: If you are selecting shoe-shaped foot warmers, look for the size options. Be careful with one-size products – they still fit within a certain size range, not outside it. Check user reviews to learn what that size range is.

Cozy Products TT Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer

Some products can be placed under desks. But you can’t bring this to bed! What type fits you?

Heat location: Make sure the foot warmer has a heat location that fits you. Some will only heat the sole, some the top, and some only the toetips.

Heat strength: Also look for the strength of the heat, and whether it can be adjusted. You can learn a lot from user reviews about the actual heat of the product

Special conditions: Is the product good for special conditions? You mostly find this information in the user reviews, and they are typically quite honest.

Price: Of course, the price matters. Noone can claim that it doesn’t.

Other popular foot warmers:

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