Looking to heat up your cold feet for? Look no further than this list of Foot Warmer HQ ★ Top Picks ★:

Serta Ultra Plush Triple Rib Electric Heated Foot Warmer

A great, comfortable heated sheet-shaped foot warmer.

The product comes with superior reviews.
★ Price: $64.68 (free US shipping) 

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Sharper Image Warming Foot Massager

A foot massager that is also an electric foot warmer.

What makes this foot warmer unique is the ability to do vibration massage, heating, or both. The foot warmer has two separate switches for this, and the massage speed can even be adjusted (low or high). The result is a foot warmer that serves all your needs for rejuvenating your feet.

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive and mention both the stimulating massage and the comfortable heating warmth. Definitely worth the price!

★ Price: $39.00 (free US shipping) 

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 The North Face Thermoball Traction Mule 2

These North Face slippers can be worn anywhere.

The slippers have a thick rubber sole that prevents any ground cold from getting into your feet, and they are insulated with the unique PrimaLoft insulation. They will retain heat in any condition!

They are also water resistant, very durable and have supreme traction. Combined with a high level of comfort, you are sure to love these. They are some of the most highly user reviewed slippers on the market. Amazon reviews: ★ 4.6 out of 5 stars ★

★ Price from $49.99 (free US shipping) 

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Sunbeam 2013-912 Xpress Heat Microplush Heating Pad for Quick Pain Relief, Extra Large (12″ x 24″),Olive

This heated pad foot warmer from Sunbeam that can be used while relaxing on your couch, in your bed, or below your desk in the office. Pads are very practical that way. It is electrically heated, so comes with a cord. Here are some of the main features that makes this foot warmer so popular.

❤ Xpress Heat system – from cold to heat in only 30 seconds
❤ Washable, integrated fleece fabric (very comfortable)
❤ 6 heat settings
❤ Timeout function (up to 2 hours timeout, or you can choose always-on)
❤ Moist-Heat option releases massaging heat
❤ 12 inches deep, 24 inches wide
★ Price: $ 32.99 (free US shipping with over $50 purchase) ★

Reviews: If you are looking for a heating pad that serves all your need, this is the one. Reviewed by over 5.000 people on Amazon with a four star average. It is clearly one of the most popular foot warmers on the market today.

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Intelex Cozy Microwaveable Body Boots


Ccozy boots from Intelex made for keeping your feet warm at home. Can be put in the microwave, which heats the grains inside the boots.

❤ Fully microwaveable – keeps the heat for an extended time
❤ Supersoft
❤ Comfortable fit around the angle
❤ Highly recommended by users
★ Price: $ 20.20 (free US shipping with over 50$ purchase

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Carex Bed Buddy Warming Footies

Cozy, simple boots from Carex Health Brands to keep your feet warm. These foot warmers are not externally heated, but have a loose, comfortable fit up against your ancle. The shoes are made of a soft fleece fabric that keeps your natural heat in place. They have pouches in the bottom that you can remove and put in the microwave oven.

❤ Microwaveable – keeps heat for 20 minutes
❤ Very soft fleece fabric
❤ Good ancle fit
❤ No connecting cords
❤ Good value for money
★ Price: from $10.79 (free US shipping) 

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HotHands® Insole Foot Warmers (16 pairs)

These disposable foot warming insoles from HeatMax are simply fantastic. In one pack you get 16 pairs of disposable foot warming heating insoles. The heating is automatic; just open a package and they heat up. They have an impressive durability and last for an entire day (9 hours). They can be used for whereever long lasting heat is required, especially when you are on the move. This could be outdoor sports, fishing, hunting, tailgating or just staying out, working outside or walking the pet. They are ultra-thin, so don’t worry about the shoe fit.

❤ Disposable
❤ Fits in any shoe (8” by 2.5”) with adhesive
❤ No connecting cords, no external heating
❤ 9 hours of heat
❤ Safe, natural (chemical) heat
❤ Perfect if you’re on the move
★ Price: $ 24.46 (free shipping) 

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Reviews: Lots of satisfied users of these insoles. Check it out: Amazon reviews: ★★★★★ 4.5 out of 5 stars


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