Choosing between electric or microwaveable foot warmers depends on how you want to use the foot warmers. Do you mind the cord? Do you need everlasting heat? Here’s a guide to making the right choice:

Electric foot warmers Microwaveable
❤️ Better heating for very cold feet
❤️ Heat will not run out
❤️ Heat level can be adjusted
❤️ Some even have massage
❤️ Workplace friendly (mats)


❤️ No connecting cords
❤️ Freedom to move legs
❤️ Bring them to bed
❤️ More affordable
❤️ Typically have a better fit

Example:Intelex cozy body boots



Other popular foot warmers:

Hothands Heating Insoles from $14.91
Electric pad
SunBeam Heating Pad $32.99
Intelex Cozy Boots $18.29
   Intelex cozy body boots